What's Living in Your Backyard?

on January 28, 2016
Few things are as uniquely satisfying as witnessing your yard transform into your own private paradise. Whether it’s a family garden, a luscious flower bed, or a new swimming pool, personalizing your backyard is a key component of making a house a home. As you begin planning your next barbecue and putting together your guest list, take a moment to think about the unwanted guests – those pesky little bugs.

Whether they fly, crawl or burrow, damaging insects can damper the fun of even the nicest backyard. Living in Houston especially, quality outdoor pest control is an outright necessity. Know what to look out for in your backyard, and what you can do to ensure a bug-free backyard

Pests in the Family Garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is one of the top emerging backyard trends. Not only is it a great, relaxing hobby for the whole family (and a decent calorie-burner to boot), it pays for itself with fresh, usable produce! The only potential problem? Bugs.
Aside from the usual flies and ants, edible gardens can attract beetles, moths, and mites that can ruin your entire harvest. Many of these insect problems start with larvae, maggots, and caterpillars. While they may seem harmless enough, even the babies can decimate your vegetables from the inside. If left unaddressed, they can grow into adults that cause further damage.

Mosquitoes and Your Swimming Pool

Living in Houston, swimming pools are a practically guaranteed path to popularity. But in between the friends, family, and neighbors dropping by for a swim, some unwanted guests of a not-exactly-human variety may decide to visit as well.
Where you see a great place to exercise and relax, mosquitoes consider an ideal location to lay thousands of eggs – which can hatch in just a few weeks! Yikes! Unless you have the time to actively filter and maintain your water’s chemical balance, proper outdoor insect treatment is the most effective way to keep mosquitoes from sabotaging your summer fun. If you fear an infestation may already be underway, there are still some simple steps you can take in the meantime.

  • Mosquito Dunks: This doughnut-shaped device can be dropped into any body of still water, and will disperse a chemical solution that eliminates any mosquito larvae in your pool for up to 30 days.
  • Cover Your Pool: While it may detract from your yard’s visual appeal, keeping your pool covered can be an effective way to ward of mosquitoes until you have a more permanent system in place.

Whether you’re trying to reverse a mosquito infestation or prevent one altogether, the easiest solution is a dedicated outdoor treatment system. The convenient, customized options provided by Coastal Mister will let your family enjoy their swimming pool all summer long.

Protecting Your Flower Bed

A vibrant flower bed is one of the best ways to add personality and visual appeal to your yard. That said, they also tend to attract an an array of destructive pests. While not all creatures are bad for your flower bed, you’ll want to pay special attention for any of the following:
  • Aphids: Even though they are small enough to be eaten by a ladybug, aphids can wreak havoc on your flowers by stunting their growth and deforming their leaves.
  • Plant Bugs: These aptly-named pests look a lot like roaches and are just as unpleasant – especially when it comes to your garden. These nasty creatures inject their toxins into your plants, causing dark discolorations and deformed petals. Plant bugs move quickly and tend to appear very early in the morning.
  • Borers: Perhaps worst of all are the borers. These insidious creatures attack your flowers from the inside by infecting them with a bacterial rot. Since borers tunnel their way to your plants, its easier to prevent them altogether than it is to stop them. During the fall season, trim your plants’ iris leaves to remove a common source of Borer nests.

Insect Protection from the Ground Up

The best way to protect your family’s yard is to keep the pests out altogether. Coastal Mister provides our clients with an effective yard misting system tailored specifically to your home. Our highly trained personnel study your unique landscaping and set up a system specifically tailored to work with your backyard’s layout, décor and color scheme. Don’t spend this year fighting with pests: enjoy your yard to its fullest with the peace of mind that we can provide.


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