The Coastal Mister Guide to A Bug-Free Christmas

on December 22, 2015

The Coastal Mister Guide to A Bug-Free Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, the first things we usually think of are the cheerful sights and sounds. But what about the heart-warming scents? After all, what kind of Christmas would it be without warm gingerbread, milk and cookies, an open fire place, and the crisp, inviting aroma of fresh pine? Celebrating with a free-cut Christmas tree is one of the best ways to get your family in the holiday spirit. But unfortunately, they come with their share of complications. In addition to the mess all over the floor, a real Christmas tree might host some unwanted holiday guests: bugs. Don’t let pests ruin your holidays. Keep these simple tips in mind to contain the Christmas cheer inside – and make sure the bugs stay out!

Inspect The Tree

A tree is most likely to attract insects when it is alive and in the wild. If it’s free of bugs before it enters your house, the odds of it luring in unsuspecting bugs in the future are drastically limited. During the selection process, pay careful attention to the trunk and branches, looking for small holes and sawdust trails; these could be a sign of bark beetles or other insects. From there, inspect for egg cases and empty bird nests hidden within the pine needles. Giving the tree a few good shakes should help knock any remaining pests loose, which can be made even easier thanks to the mechanical tree shakers available at many holiday farms and lots. If your tree shows any signs of infestation, or if birds are actively nesting in the branches, reject it. You don’t want to bring some new and unexpected “pets” back home to the family!

Let Nature Run Its Course

Before bringing the tree inside, leave it in the garage or backyard for at least 24 hours. With the tree removed from the ground, any remaining wildlife is likely to relocate while it still can. If your tree still houses a few pests when you bring it inside, there’s no need to worry! Most of the insects commonly found in Christmas trees are generally harmless and incapable of inflicting any real havoc on your home. Insects like aphids, bark beetles, mites and praying mantises are most common, and are also likely to die off on their own once removed from their natural habitat. Whether dead or alive, they can simply be removed from your home with a few careful vacuum sweeps. DO NOT use any aerosol insect sprays on your tree. These products contain many flammable chemicals, and can increase the risk of a fire. Instead, keep the house slightly warm and decrease its humidity levels, which makes the environment uninhabitable for any remaining hitchhikers.

The Best Offense? A Great Defense!

One of the best ways to keep bugs out of your home is to banish them on the outside. Installing a Coastal Mister insect management system in your yard is one of the most reliable and efficient methods of preventing pests from ever entering the house in the first place. Our unique, programmable misting solution will keep pests away from your beloved family Christmas tradition. Want more information on how we can help you rid your yard (and home) of bugs? Contact Coastal Mister today.


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