Pest Control? For Valentine's Day?

on February 14, 2016
For when your little lovebug doesn’t love bugs, consider an effective pest control option as a sweet Valentine’s Day gesture. It might sound unorthodox, but hear us out. You might wind up having the happiest date of your life if you listen to our advice!

The Romance of Practicality

Some people just aren’t into the roses, teddy bears, and chocolates trifecta that characterize this time of year. There’s nothing the matter with any of those gestures, of course – we’re big fans! But many of us have partners, family members, and other loved ones who prefer practical gifts to the more “traditional” frills of Valentine’s Day. To them, there’s nothing more romantic than alleviating everyday worries. Hey, we love this! What’s more practical than pest control? It’s one less thing on the recipient’s to-do list, freeing them up some time to tackle other tasks. Any spare second makes for a valuable, thoughtful gift. Relieving some of the stresses of the everyday is just as much of a romantic gesture as anything else; it shows you care enough about the people you love to pay attention to what they need most in life.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Even if your Valentine isn’t necessarily all for practicality, reliable pest control still holds plenty of gift potential. Does he or she enjoy throwing pool parties? Are relaxing evenings in the backyard with a glass of wine and his or her favorite novel forever marred by mosquitoes and other garden pests? Is gardening his or her passion, but the bug bites make it difficult to enjoy? A pest control system helps enable good times to keep happening!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Coastal Mister

Investing in a pest control system and wresting back the yard may not sound like the most lovey-dovey gift in the world, even if you do slap a big red bow on top. If your Valentine enjoys practical gifts, or bemoans an inability to fully enjoy the outdoors, contact us. We’ve got an effective solution to ridding yourself of mosquitoes and other pests, so you can show the one you love how much you care in a unique, lasting way.


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