Mosquito-Free Backyard Activities and Fun

on September 14, 2015
Summer is a perfect time to relax and take it easy. The long, sunny days and warm nights offer many great opportunities to enjoy outdoor fun, and you don’t have to go far away. You have a wonderful destination for summer fun waiting just outside your back door.

Backyard Entertainment Activity Ideas

Take a moment to imagine all the backyard activities you enjoy, like cooking a delicious meal and serving your guests picnic-style at the comfortable patio table. Burgers, chicken, fish, fresh corn and other vegetables all taste like summer when they’re just off the grill, and the smell when they’re cooking is mouth-watering! Imagine spending an afternoon by the pool sipping lemonade and splashing around with the kids. Or listening to music on your outdoor speaker system while enjoying cold beer or refreshing cocktails with friends. And who doesn’t enjoy the simple pleasure of rolling around in the yard with the family dog? Sounds great, doesn’t it? But when you imagine the happiness of luxurious backyard entertainment, are you picturing a mosquito-free backyard?

Enjoy an Insect-Free Backyard

Protect yourself and your guests during backyard activities with the Coastal Mister insect misting system. The Coastal Mister is a reliable, high-quality system designed to eliminate mosquitos and all other insects in the outdoor area of your home. Its gentle routine won’t be distracting or burdensome. Since it sprays a low dosage of diluted mixture at multiple, pre-planned times each day, the Coastal Mister insect control system provides continuous coverage and protection without being invasive. It is customized to complement your outdoor aesthetics, and its spraying schedule is tailored to fit your daily routine.
At Coastal Mister, we understand what you need to make your backyard an enjoyable place. We are a family-owned and operated company, founded by a father and son team in 2002. We are based in Houston, Texas, where we are all quite familiar with the need for effective mosquito and insect control! We have more than a decade’s experience providing residential mosquito misting systems in Houston and other areas with similar climates. We are committed to solving your mosquito and insect problems. After all, we like to relax and have fun outdoors too! Contact us for a free estimate and we’ll connect you with a Coastal Mister dealer in your area. It’s about time for some mosquito-free backyard fun!


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