Distributorship Opportunities

CoastalMister distributorship opportunities are available to state licensed pest control companies that complete certifications training in Houston and agree to adhere to established quality assurance procedures.

It’s easy to evaluate CoastalMister—and you can do it in the privacy of your own office. Either call us or fill out the information below and we will provide you with a user name and password that will open this section of our website. Once there, you will learn more about dealing with Coastal Mosquito Control and our CoastalMister product line--such as:

  • • What we charge in Distributorship Fees -- $$zero.
  • • What’s included in our free training -- a complete agenda for two days of learning the system, how it is sold, installed and maintained.
  • • What we offer in the way of sales and marketing materials -- from sales contract forms to sales videos, take a look at what we make available to you.
  • • Why big companies and small have become Coastal Distributors -- comments from our Distributors telling of the successes they have had with installing CoastalMister systems.
  • • Overall -- why offering the CoastalMister line makes economic sense for your company.

Contact us now -- you could be evaluating this opportunity within minutes and could be installing CoastalMister systems within days.

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